THE cathedral
Saint Gatien

Gothic cathedral of Saint Gatien in Tours, Loire Valley France

Tours Cathedral

More than 10 centuries of history can be discovered at the heart of this cathedral, which took several centuries to complete. A majestic cathedral with a collection of stained glass windows that are revealed every hour of the day.


Tours cathedral bears witness to over a thousand years of history in the city. Built in 1170, it was listed as a historic monument in 1862. It sits proudly in the middle of the city, and today stands as a strong marker of Tours' glorious past.


It was placed under the protection of the kings of France at a very early date. It's well worth a visit, with its collection of majestic stained glass windows, impressive and sumptuous nave and facades full of details that inspire respect and speak volumes about the centuries of work that went into building this edifice.

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